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                           Acrylic, Plaster on Canvas

Stacia Gates "Surrender"

In her most recent series of abstract mixed media paintings, Stacia Gates reveals her most personal work to date - intimate and soul-searching meditations in a near mono-chromatic palette - predominantly shades of blue.

In a delightful twist, the artist utilizes industrial grade plaster to create highly textured dreamscapes; ethereal and serene visual sojourns into the subconscious. While profoundly and directly influenced by nature - the artist painted this series outside in her garden, surrounded by butterflies and birds - Gates creative journey aims inward - her painterly essays are examinations of personal mantras. At times the words are literally embedded and obscured inside the plaster. Obscured to the human eye but not to the senses, Gates’ messages are offerings that are not so much seen as felt.


Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts ( GDCA GALLERY)

727 S. Spring St.  Los Angeles, CA 90014


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