Art with an Inspirational Value

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                 Marcus and Stacia forever linked

Stacia Gates

My work represents a storybook style of whimsical images of children and animals. I like to be open with my imagination and let those wonderful pieces of the child in myself come out to play.  Much of my work has an inspirational and spiritual value. With the loss of my parents and sibling so young I feel that this creative outlet as an artist has helped develop who I am today.

My artwork has been shown in galleries and published in various artistic outlets. New shows are in the future and I will be sharing the information in my newsletters.

I am thankful to all of those who are collectors of my work.

As an artist it is my love of art in all forms that has brought me to this place.  I have created and as a platform for the best creators in the world to show their work.  We include everything from painters to bridge builders. Our goal is to share the creative happenings with the world in hope of inspiring us all.